Instant Upright and BoSS


Instant Upright

Instant UpRight is a global provider of access solutions, manufacturing and supplying the world’s leading alloy tower system and custom-engineered scaffolding access solutions for the Aviation, Power Generation and Industrial markets. 


Their product range includes:

  • Mobile Aluminium Tower Systems
  • Low Level Work Platforms and Podiums
  • Industrial Access Walkways and bespoke access solutions
  • Aircraft Maintenance Stands and Docking Systems
  • Power Generation Boiler Maintenance Access


Instant UpRight provides quick, effective and economical solutions to customer’s access problems, wherever possible utilising standard components from their extensive product range.

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BoSS is a provider of mobile tower systems, from low-level work to a full range of mobile access towers.  BoSS towers are designed and manufactured in the UK, their state of the art facility uses the latest laser cutting and robotic welding technology.  This ensures BoSS towers are as safe as they are easy to use. 

Using a BoSS standard tower allows you to work safely up to 12m internally and 8m externally.  A BoSS tower has interchangeable components and they come with a wide range of accessories to allow standard towers to be made into more advanced structures.

The BoSS tower range offers inherent product safety features which include slip-resistant platforms ribbed-rung tubing for increased grip and self-closing trap doors and wind-locks.  The BoSS Zone: 1 GRP tower is ideal for challenging jobs sites and around electrical installations. 

A BoSS tower system offers speed and convenience as they are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle, this allows you to spend less time building it and more time using it.      

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