Aviation Access Systems

Ridgeway supply a range of specialist access systems for the aviation industry. We have a variety of universal stands, custom access solutions, scaffolding systems and modular docks and maintenance stands to facilitate heavy maintenance, repair and overhaul, unit service and inspection checks.

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Aviation Scaffold

Aviation Access Examples

Aviation Scaffold Overview

Our aviation systems can be adapted for variety of applications from small regional aircraft to large aircrafts, and narrow body to wide body.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in the aviation industry and a deep understanding of the needs of maintenance, repair and overhaul operations in the Civil, Military, Helicopter and Aerospace industries.

Our aviation access systems include:

  • Custom Access Solutions
  • Modular Systems
  • Scaffolding Systems
  • Universal Equipment


Custom Access Solutions

Our aviation scaffold offers a custom access solution which can be designed and manufactured to the client’s specifications, from single point access to complete wraparounds.

Custom stands are available with fixed base or with height adjustables. We offer additional services such as jacking, electrics and pneumatics.

Modular Systems

Our modular systems access stands are designed for a specific aircraft application or a combination of aircrafts. These systems can be combined with other modules to provide a large range of maintenance services.

Scaffolding Systems

Our scaffolding access systems use a combination of standard aluminium and steel components to provide increased versatility for a wide range of maintenance projects. The same stock can be utilised time and time again in different configurations giving the client higher utilization and increased return on investment.

Universal Systems

Our standard low level off-the-shelf access stands are ideal for use out on the flight line and in maintenance bays. The simple and versatile stands, which are quick and easy to manoeuvre, include the Span and Snappy ranges.


  • Lightweight aluminium structures designed to position closely and accurately to simple or complex contours of the aircraft.
  • Minimum contact to the aircraft avoiding any damage to the skin of the plane in comparison to heavy substitute products on the market.
  • The lightweight aluminium provides easy manoeuvrability resulting in less down time. The stands weigh 50% less than a steel stand and can be moved with ease by 2 or 3 operators.
  • Stands are highly durable. No rust and minimal maintenance saves both time and money.
  • Highly flexible and variable. Available as standalone mobile units or can be integrated as part of a complete system and docking systems. They can be designed to accommodate multiple aircraft types which significantly reduces stand inventory.
  • Fully compliant with International Safety Standards.

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Aviation Scaffold

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